Filter Free

My grandmother turned 98 last week. I posted a nice little blurb about her on Facebook (she thinks it makes her famous). I only shared part of the story though. My grandmother does have perfect nails, hair, outfit and jewlery every day. They do call her Mrs. America and yes, she did say “if I’m not dead why should I look like I am?” And then she said this:

“You could take a lesson from me.”

 I chalked it up to the fact that she’s 98 and she doesn’t need a filter anymore. She can say what she wants and let it flow freely.

That made me start thinking though. At what point/age/threshold does someone earn the right to lose the filter? Because it seems to me people of all ages are running around filter free and I don’t get it. For instance, my husband and I have one child. I am regularly questioned as to why this is.

“Problems conceiving?”  No actually my husband sneezes in the next room and my eggo is preggo

“Your age?” Ouch

“Two would change your life to much?” That must be it because having one didn’t change anything. 

Why do people think these questions are okay? I personally don’t understand how people have four or more kids. When the inmates outnumber the guards it scares me. Despite this, I have never asked anyone with four or more children any of these questions:

“How many birth control pills did you have to miss for pregnancy number four to happen?”

“Why don’t you take that BJ class at the lingerie shop? If you improve your skill set, you might not end up in this predicament again.”

“Are you trying to get a reality show because the Duggars have been there and Mr Duggar has done that. About 20 times.”

Well, clearly the apple didn’t fall far from my grandmother’s tree now did it? Look out world, I plan to live to 100 so eventually I’ll be filter free too.


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