Why Elsa from Frozen is a hero. And a tart

My child is addicted to Frozen. There, I said it. In truth how could he not be? The images, clips and music are every flipping where. I’m convinced that Disney released aerosolized kiddie crack at each showing of the movie to create a country full of Elsa, Anna and Olaf junkies. I’m forever hearing kids (including my own) saying how they Need to see Frozen for the fourth time. Please, please, please.

Frozen junkies. They’re on every corner.

That being said, on our record fourth viewing of Frozen, at home, free of aerosolized kiddie crack, I had an epiphany. Elsa has a Developmental Difference. Her body works differently than everyone else’s and she has to learn how to control it. It doesn’t come easily but she perseveres despite adversity and initial rejection by her peers. Elsa is a hero for kids with all kinds of differences because she finds a way to embrace and thrive with those differences. Who cares that Disney in no way intended this? It’s there and it is awesome. A true role model.

Except that she’s a tart and a terrible role model and here is why:

It’s that Let It Go scene. You know the one I’m talking about where Elsa busts her size double zero self into a slinky dress and shakes her ice pops all the while belting out how the perfect girl is gone. The one where every dad in the theatre looks up from his cell phone and says “oh yeah Elsa. Let. It. Go.”

I haven’t seen the likes of this since that tramp Ariel burst out of the sea in her string bikini back in the day.

Disney tarted up the role model. Again.

Couldn’t she have been a size six? Did she have to shake her stuff like she was trying to knock the icicles out of the trees? Why can’t a Disney princess (in this case a queen) look closer to normal instead of like a flash frozen cha cha girl?

I know I’m overthinking this. I just have to let it go. That perfect girl is gone. Not cool Disney.

We’ll watch it again though. My kid going through Frozen withdrawal is more than I can take. Well played Disney. Well played.

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