I was wrong for that

Everybody has someone that they owe an apology to. Family, friends, the dog, the lady at the supermarket…somebody. If I had to say which of those people I owed an apology to I’d have to say “Yes.”

Because it’s all of them. Plus a few.

So here they are. Apologies that are probably long overdue but (mostly) sincere:

-To the lady at Costco who had both car doors open blocking the space I was turning in to. I honked at you despite the fact I could see that you were trying to corral three young children into car seats. In my defense, I didn’t have a kid yet so I had no idea what an ordeal getting into the car could be. And it’s only a half hearted apology because you told everyone at the block party that I did it. Yes, we were neighbors but I was still new to the neighborhood (sort of). You were so wrong for that.

– To whoever ran over the end cap from the running board that fell off of my car. I heard a thud, looked quickly around, didn’t see anything and hightailed it out if there. In my defense, our insurance had just gone down after enough time passed since my two accidents in 24 hours. Don’t judge me-I was framed I swear. I was out of there until I heard this from the four year old narc in the back seat:

“What did you hit this time mommy?”

Knowing full well that he was going to sell me out, I drove back around the corner to own up to what I thought that I had done. In that short time you ran over my end cap making it unusable and it can’t be replaced (it probably wasn’t good for your tire either I’m guessing). So now I’m driving around looking like I’m a rocking chair on the roof short of being The Beverly Hillbillys. Someone is really wrong for that.

– To my mother-in-law. The last time she was coming into town I was grocery shopping and wanted to pick up some Grey Goose for my husband. The guy from the store needed to go in back to get it and the kiddo and I had to wait. As time went by (maybe 5 seconds) the kiddo got impatient and began to whine. “Why are we waiting so long?” I didn’t want to lie to him. It would send the wrong message. The truth flashed through my head:

“Grandma is coming into town so Daddy needs liquor.”

That’s when I heard another woman standing right behind me burst out into laughter.

Oh wow. Did I say that out loud? I guess I did.

She didn’t think I was wrong though. She thought I was hilarious. And that woman at the grocery store taught me something that day.

I wasn’t wrong for that. I was right.

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